A Healthcare System that Works for Wisconsin

Every Wisconsinite deserves as many healthcare options as possible. For years Scott Walker has helped private insurance companies fix prices and wrongfully deny claims. As Governor, I will give Wisconsinites another option. By expanding Badgercare as a public option for health coverage, Wisconsinites will be able to choose a health plan where their money will never be spent on extravagant advertising bills as private insurers do. A plan where their money will not be used to hire armies of lobbyists and lawyers to look for new legal loopholes to wrongfully deny claims as private insurers do. If you choose Badgercare as your health plan, your hard earned dollars will go directly and simply to reimbursing you doctor for the care you receive.

Let's Turn Wisconsin Technologies Into Strong Wisconsin Businesses that Create Good Paying Jobs.

I know that a governor’s most important responsibility is to achieve an economic climate that creates good paying jobs. Economic assessments routinely show that every dollar invested in our University of Wisconsin system returns over $20 to our Wisconsin economy. Indeed, by investing in our University of Wisconsin system, we make every Wisconsinite richer. We can go further. The University of Wisconsin is consistently in the top 5 for the number of patents produced by a university per year. By that metric, the technologies developed at the University of Wisconsin are literally driving our national economy. Yet Wisconsin is ranked dead last in new startups. We can change this and enact policies that will help Wisconsin technologies stay in Wisconsin and become strong Wisconsin businesses that create good paying jobs.

Let's Come Together as Wisconsinites and Build a Strong Wisconsin Economy

As I travel our state, the message I hear from voters is clear. It is time for Scott Walker’s politics of division to end. I know that much more brings us together as Wisconsinites than divides us. I am running for governor to bring Wisconsin together around the vision of prosperity for Wisconsin that we share.

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